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Let the Sun In (or Not)Zero Energy: The Gold Standard

Let the Sun in (or Not);  Design for Energy Efficiency

The Iowa Source - April 1, 2016

Everyone loves big, beautiful windows that frame views and open our homes to the outdoors.  If they aren't well planned, though, they lead to overheating, glare, and are effectively canceled out by the use of curtains.  Learn how pergolas, trellises, and foliage can protect your home and save energy while increasing property value and satisfaction.                                

Zero Energy:  The Gold Standard in Efficient Home Production

The Iowa Source - February 1, 2016

Rising energy demands, costs, and emissions have become a moral problem as a well as an economic one and, unfortunately, our homes represent a significant contributor.  The International Energy Conservation Code has enacted tough new construction standards to help with the problem, but it still represent the bare minimum of quality.  What should you do if you truly want to build an efficient home?  That's where the Department of Energy's Energy Star and Zero Energy Ready Home Programs (ZERH) come into play.    


by Holly Butler, AIA NCARB